WordPress WooCommerce USAePAY Form Post payment plugin

WordPress WooCommerce USAePAY Form Post payment plugin

Don’t want the hassle of being PCI-compliant to use USAePAY on your WooCommerce store?

Our Wordpress WooCommerce USAePAY Form Post payment plugin works similarly to Authorize.net’s SIM payment processing.

When a customer is ready to check out, they enter their billing and shipping information on the WooCommerce checkout and are then taken to a form hosted by USAePAY where they enter their sensitive credit card information. This information is entered directly into the USAePAY system, completely bypassing your server.

Once the order is approved (or declined), the customer is redirected back to your store and a receipt (if the order was successful) is shown and the order is moved to processing status within your WooCommerce backend.

As far as we are aware, our Wordpress WooCommerce USAePAY Form Post payment plugin is the only one currently available that does not process payments on your server (which would require your server to be PCI compliant.)

The plugin supports sandbox and live mode as well as both authorize only and sale (authorize + capture) for processing payments. If you utilize authorize only, you will need to log into your USAePAY account to capture the payments.

WordPress: 4.7+

WooCommerce: 2.6+

Plugin setting page: WooCommerce >> Checkout >> USAePay ePayment

The keys you need from USAePAY are located here:
USAePay Source Key Page: Settings >> Source Keys

How many sites?

The plugin will be delivered within 6 hours of purchase.

If you need support, it may be pre-ordered in bundles of 2 hour blocks:

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