WordPress WooCommerce Signature Required for Delivery

WooCommerce Signature Required for Delivery – Plugin v1.0

Easily add the ability for customers to toggle whether a signature is required for delivery during WooCommerce checkout.

Use our extension to quickly and easily add a checkbox to your WooCommerce checkout that allows shoppers to choose whether they desire to have their delivery shipped “signature required.”


The plugin adds two radio buttons to the checkout flow which allow shoppers to choose “Yes” or “No” to a field labeled “Signature Required”.

The default selection (Yes or No) can be set as can the “Signature Required” label text.


WordPress 4.7+
WooCommerce 2.6+


Use the built-in WordPress functionality to add the plugin.

Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin

Once you’ve uploaded and installed the plugin, activate it.


Once activated, the plugin will add a new tab titled “Signature Required” to your WooCommerce settings page.

Signature Required:
Default to yes or default to no: This controls which radio button is selected by default.

Label text:
This controls how the field is labeled on checkout. It will read “Signature Required” by default.

Order email:
Check the box to automatically insert the signature required field (and selected option) into order e-mails.

Always click the “Save Changes” button to save your changes.


The plugin records the shopper’s signature required selection and displays it on the order details page at the bottom of the General Details section.

You can use this information to request signature service from the delivery courier for the order when it is shipped.


How many sites?

The plugin will be sent via e-mail within 6 hours of purchase.